Copenhagen was the final stop on our trip, and it certainly did not disappoint. Between the Christmas Markets, Christmas stores, shopping, food, and people, Copenhagen was absolutely charming.


Image credit: blogger

We had nothing planned for this part of our trip, but Nyhavn, The Little Mermaid, and Tivoli Gardens all came highly recommended.


Image credit: blogger; Pictured: Nyhavn

Nyhavn was unbelievably charming. On our walk to find this part of town, we passed along the river and spotted trampolines in the ground. Completely in awe of this feature, we excitedly took a 5-minute travel break to jump on trampolines like we were 7-years-old again!


Image credit: blogger; Pictured: trampolines by river

After finding Nyhavn, we wondered along to find The Litter Mermaid and make our 5-year-old selves very proud and happy (20-year-old us were pretty happy too!).


Image credit: blogger; Pictured: The Little Mermaid

Shortly after finding the statue, we only had a couple hours to continue meandering until we had to leave for the airport and catch our flight back to Dublin. We happened upon Fredrik’s Church, a massively beautiful building nestled between shops and homes.


Image credit: blogger


Image credit: blogger

We ended our day with continued strolling around Nyhavn, peering into restaurants and enjoying the Christmas Stands and ships stacked along the canal.


Image credit: blogger


Image credit: blogger


Image credit: blogger

Between the generously kind people and the quaint and humble charm of this city, Copenhagen has found a special place in my heart, and will likely always be one of my favorite cities.


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